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Why You Should Avoid Walking On Your Roof

by Aug 28, 2021

Hiring a professional to take care of your house is essential. While we understand that some homeowners may be eager to tinker with odd jobs here and there, there are certain tasks around the house that you should let professionals handle.

Replacing your lightbulbs or trimming your hedges is an excellent example of jobs around the house you can complete. However, tackling highly skilled tasks like home renovations or any roofing work is not recommended due to safety concerns and the level of skill and experience required to complete these jobs accurately and efficiently.

One of the first mistakes homeowners make when trying to do any roofing work is just walking about their roofing system as if it were just an ordinary stroll on the sidewalk. Walking on your roof without knowing where to step or how heavy to tread is one of the leading ways that homeowners either damage their roofing systems or injure themselves.

Prominent Construction is a professional roofing company, and we recommend that you call us if there are any issues with your roof. We know how to navigate roofing systems efficiently and repair them accurately!

These are some of the reasons why you should refrain from walking on your roof.

Potential Injury

Roofing systems are situated at the highest point of your home. Roofing with steep slopes can be tough to navigate safely. Just getting up on your roof and walking about increases your risk of falling off and injuring yourself. A simple mistake like this can result in costly medical bills and roofing issues that still need to be dealt with.

Let professionals handle your roofing needs. They have the tools and experience to ensure a safe, thorough job with quality results. Hire someone you can trust by calling your local contractor today!

Damages To Your Roof

Applying too much pressure to your shingles or tiles as you’re walking could cause them to loosen or break off altogether. Stepping on delicate roofing materials like your gutter system or walking on parts of your roof that may have sustained some previous damage may cause these materials to break off as well.

Everything might look OK to you, but you might risk damaging your roof and your home. Experienced roofing professionals know what to look out for, where to step and what to avoid when working on your home’s roofing system. They’ve built up the experience required over many years in the industry.

Insurance Issues

Your insurance may not cover any damages you’ve caused on your roofing systems or any injuries you’ve sustained while up there.

Hiring a professional roofing team for your home is the safest way to go. You and all those who live in your house can have peace of mind knowing that you’re taking care of things correctly, so it’s best not to try doing anything on your own.


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