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6/13/21: Denver Experiences Biggest Hailstorm With Golf Ball-Sized Hail Since 2019

by Jun 13, 2021

On Sunday, June 13th, Denver experienced one of the biggest hailstorms since 2019. The storm dropped golfball-sized hail across the Denver and Aurora metro areas, causing significant damage along the way.

Large Hail

Image via denver.cbslocal.com

A severe thunderstorm was first located at 4:30 Sunday afternoon in the southeastern parts of Denver. Moving at a speed of 10mph, the storm threatened scattered showers and partial hailfall.

Throughout the afternoon and early evening, several thunderstorms formed across the Denver and Aurora area. Several reports of golfball-sized hail streamed in from concerned residents and weather professionals.

A severe thunderstorm warning was issued for several neighborhoods southeast of Denver.

According to official weather reporters, the storm was believed to have been fueled by low-level moisture and intense heating throughout the day. The hailstorm broke out despite the presence of a cap inversion.

The historic storm delivered hail across the Denver and Aurora metro areas for about 3 hours straight. Residents were warned to park their vehicles in a safe space out of harm’s way, as well as place any valuable property and furniture indoors.

Several residents took to social media to document the golfball-sized hail that had landed on their properties and the damage that it had inflicted on their roofing systems, siding, gutters, and landscaping.

The unstable weather conditions were predicted for the following days to comes as weather officials expected a week-long heatwave, with temperatures reaching well into the 100s.

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