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Hunter Park in Tulsa, OK

Tucked away in the heart of Tulsa, Oklahoma, lies Hunter Park—a sprawling, 500-acre oasis of lush greenery, tranquil lakes, and winding trails. The park, named in honor of Tulsa’s first Mayor, Captain John George Hunter, has been a source of relaxation and joy to hundreds of thousands of visitors over the years.Learn more here.

From its inception, Hunter Park has been an integral part of Tulsa’s culture and heritage. For over a century, it has been used as a place for respite and recreation, for hosting large events, and for leisurely strolls. It has been a stand-out venue for sports, music, and art, where Tulsa’s own Hillside Troubadours and Summer Stock Theater have delighted its visitors for many years. It has also served as the site for numerous civic events, from Tulsa’s Mayors’ Day festivities to the grand opening of River Parks in 1936. A wide array of outdoor activities at Hunter Park encourage people of all ages and capabilities to get outside and play. Fishing, camping, bird watching, picnicking, horseback riding, and biking are all popular activities at the park. With its two miles of hiking trails, Hunter Park is a great place for hiking, jogging, and mountain biking. There’s also a rock climbing wall and ropes course for those who wish to challenge themselves even further. Learn more about Route 66 Historical Village in Tulsa, OK.