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The Cave House – Linda Collier in Tulsa, OK

Nestled in the hills of the Osage Nation of northeastern Oklahoma is a mysterious structure that has stood the test of time. Built in the early 1940s by a local property owner named Linda Collier, it is commonly referred to as “The Cave House,” and each year, it draws visitors from across the state and beyond. The Cave House is located near the town of Tulsa and has intrigued passersby ever since its construction. More can be found here.

The house itself is constructed of large stones and has an entry hallway adorned with two small windows. The main living areas are located in the back of the house, and the walls are composed of native sand as well as rocks with a unique color and texture. The overall effect of the structure is one of age and mysteriousness, and visitors have often wondered what its purpose was when it was first constructed. The Cave House has been the source of much local folklore and hearsay. According to some accounts, it was once used by a woman named Linda Collier as a place of refuge from the rough and tumble-world of the early 1940s. She used the house to stay out of sight from prying eyes, as well as to cook, sleep, and store precious items. This is supported by the large metal doors that can still be seen on the property. Defying the passing of time and weather, the structure is still standing today. Many years ago, a roof was added to the structure, and renovations of the interior occurred, but the basic architecture remains the same. Although the additions do not look to be more than thirty years old, they have endured the elements quite well. Click here to read about The Outsiders House Museum – Tulsa, OK.