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The Natural Assets of Plains Conservation Center in Aurora, CO

The Plains Conservation Center in Aurora, Colorado, is a one-of-a-kind natural asset. The center aims to protect, restore, and educate about the Central Plains grasslands, animals, and ecosystems of the region and surrounding states. The Plains Conservation Center is situated in an expansive 2000-acre wildlife preserve which makes it the ideal location to explore, appreciate, and understand nature in its fragile state. Learn more here.

At the Plains Conservation Center, visitors can take part in a variety of activities to learn more about the region’s unique and diverse flora and fauna. Begin your trip at the Interpretive Center, which features a mini-museum dedicated to the ecology of the region’s desert environments. Inside you can explore natural history information, stories and artwork, interactive exhibits, and hands-on activities to learn more about the conservation efforts being made in the area. Guided tours of the wildlife preserve are also available to help visitors gain an even greater understanding of the various animal and plant life that exist in the area. Visitors can also engage in outdoor recreational activities such as hiking, bird watching, and photography. With 2000 acres of conserved open space, there is plenty to explore and enjoy! Visitors can view pronghorns and bison, explore a large wetlands area, and take advantage of the many trails for hiking and biking. As part of the educational experience, the Plains Conservation Center also offers evening lectures that discuss the area’s current ecological topics, as well as landscape photography classes. Learn more about The Beauty of SCUBA Beach in Aurora, CO.