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3/17/21: West Tulsa Shaken By St Patrick’s Day Storm From Bowden, Oakhurst, Berryhill, Prattville, Broken Arrow, Sand Springs to Sapulpa

by Mar 17, 2021

On March 17, 2021, St Patrick’s Day celebrations were taking place all across the country, everywhere except the South. In the Southern States, residents had to take cover as storms rolled into town.

In Tulsa County, multiple thunderstorms rolled in and threatened significant damage and destruction. Residents were warned of a substantial storm that was spotted moving over Broken Arrow at a speed of 40mph. The storm had brought with it wind speeds of 60 mph and hail the size of quarters.

Image via ottawacitizen.com

The national weather service issued a warning to residents, encouraging them to take cover during the storm as well as protect their vehicles and other property from the pelting hail.

Conditions were so severe that northeastern Oklahoma was placed on a tornado watch for most of the day. Residents were warned to stay indoors due to the potential of flying debris causing injuries and damage.

Heavy rain poured into the county as the storm continued to move in a northeasterly direction at an average speed of 40mph. By 2:46 pm, another thunderstorm was spotted moving over Sand Springs, moving in a northeasterly direction.

Throughout Tulsa County, wind, rain, and hail littered the streets, making any St Patrick’s Day celebration quite morbid and dreary.

The National Weather Service reported that residents could expect significant damage on their roofing systems, siding, gutters, vehicles, and any outdoor property.

In Wayne County, Mississippi, a tornado caused significant damage to many farms in the area. Many homes and properties were destroyed in Alabama by a passing tornado.

Several southern state residents took to social media to document their experiences with the outrageous storm that was taking place in the south. One resident recorded himself driving between Waynesboro and Laurell, Mississippi, with a tornado following close behind.

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