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Window Replacement: Are They Cost-Effective?

by Feb 15, 2019

How much do Replacement Windows Cost ?

When considering Replacing Windows in your 1story or 2 Story Home in Oklahoma this could mean replacing 10-30 windows. Now this can seam like a very expensive and major energy efficient home improvement. The great news is Oklahoma offers homeowners many major perks and benefits for improving your homes energy efficiency. Call 1st Priority to learn more on how to make your Energy Efficient Replacement Window Project easy and Affordable.

Roofer replacing a window in Tulsa, OK

But How Much Do Replacement Windows Cost ?

Ok so replacement windows come in many different material options and install methods but for the sake of solid value driven data here are the major factors for price variances.


  1. Window Material Make-Up : The most Expensive Window Material by Far is Fiberglass Windows. This virtually indestructible materials is used in Extreme weather climates and with installation could average $1300-$1600 per unit. Next is Wood Windows due to the fact there are not a lot of wood window suppliers wood window replacement cost are high and could run from $1200-$1500 per unit average. Wood windows have advantages and disadvantages but are pricy. Last and most commonly used In modern building and remodeling are Vinyl and Thermally Broken Aluminum Windows. Vinyl window quality varies so much you will find low end Replacement Windows from $199 unit to $499 per unit. Now as with anything you get what you pay for when you purchase low end products. Now the Midrange and High End Vinyl Replacement Windows are Long lasting products with 20 plus year warranties and average $700-$1200 per Unit.
  2. Replacement Window Size and Configuration: Windows can come in many different size and Shape. Your Standard Single Hung Window  Double Hung Window  and Slider Windows are less costly than more detailed configurations such as Awning Windows, Casement Windows, Bay Windows , Garden Windows, these Configuration types are more detailed and so more pricy than standard configurations. When it comes to Home Energy Efficient Window cost size matters the larger the Glass Pack the more pricy the Home Replacement Windows Become.
  3. Installation Methods: This will be s huge variation in the marketplace. Option 1 you go to a unlicensed contract and Pay maybe the Cheapest Price up Front or run the risk of well anything could happen here none of that would turn out positive. Next you can chose A Contractor to handle your Home Replacement Wood Windows, Vinyl Windows or Fiberglass Windows they carries full Licensing and Insurance Such as 1st Priority. 

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