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What is an EPDM Roof?

by Dec 13, 2019

Before you do start investing in EPDM roofs, you should understand What Does EPDM Stand For? EPDM is an abbreviation of ethylene propylene diene terpolymer which has been specifically designed for durability and longevity as a roofing material. Over the past few years, EPDM has been widely used in low-sloped buildings across the United States.

EPDM is usually available in either black and white. The black variant helps absorb heat which can prove useful in cold climates and seasons since the absorbed heat can melt water so it can flow downwards faster and mitigate the damage caused by ice dams. Moreover, the black variant can help insulate heat. The white variant can reflect off UV rays that might cause a build-up of penetrative heat inside your home.

Before starting, it’s good to understand the pros and cons of EPDM which includes the roofing material, labor costs, and pricing inspections.




Environmentally Friendly

Compared to other man-made synthetic products in the market, EPDM is known for being recyclable while being compatible with roof-based gardens and solar panels if you prefer using green energy.


Durable and Long-lasting

Normally, cheap roofing materials will last you a decade or two before deteriorating and breaking down. Compared to 3-tab shingles and other roofing material in the market, EPDM will last you 20 – 30 years which means you can save even more from repairs and roof replacements.


Resistant to Fire

Commercial buildings that are within close proximity to each other tend to be vulnerable to fires breaking out. Having a fire-resistant roof can help mitigate the risk of fires. Moreover, EPDM is known for slowing down fires that are spreading outwards.


Saves Energy

epdm roofing service in Tulsa, OK

EPDM is known for providing poly-iso insulation. If properly planned and installed, this material can keep your roof and house cool. Having the proper and preferred insulation on your roof can reduce the use of HVAC equipment and subsequently reduce energy spent.




Labor and installation costs

The mechanically attached systems of EPDM are way more expensive than TPO and other roofing materials. Moreover, your contractor needs to have firsthand experience in installing EPDM.


Vulnerable in the wrong climate

There are instances were EPDM will shrink to only 4% its size as years will pass. The shrinkage of EPDM can lead to bridging which places your roof in a very vulnerable state with your roof being easily punctured. It’s best to get a hold of your contractor for the right course of action on what should be done in certain climates and environments.


Doesn’t seem ‘classy’

Honestly speaking, there are more eye-catching and appealing roofing material out there. The utilitarian and industrious look of EPDM makes it good for commercial and industrial buildings but this won’t fit well on residential buildings were homeowners are aiming to impress visitors and passers-by. If people find your roof to be unsightly, you can always hire a painter that uses specially-designed acrylic paint on your roof.

Homeowners have to also be aware that there is more than one variant of EPDM but the most common is usually not reinforced. It’s best to keep this in mind when you’re looking for the right roofing material.



When it comes to installing, replacing, and repairing roof materials, it’s best to leave all the heavy lifting to licensed roofing contractors that have years of experience. Planning out a roof will take considerable time and effort. There might be some roofing materials that are DIY, but EPDM is definitely not one of them. Having a general contractor’s experience and skills will ensure that your roof will have a lengthened lifespan. If you’re looking for a cost-effective and practical roofing material, then you’re in the right alley since EPDM can guarantee you a utilitarian approach in keeping your house dry and durable for decades to come. If ever you see bridging and any damages on your roof, it’s also best to have a professional roofing specialist to inspect your roof so that appropriate actions can be done.

It’s also best to do your own research on who are the right roofing contractors for this type of roofing. Many contractors will confidently claim that they know how to install this roofing but will inadvertently lead to disaster if they are not sure what to do. If you’re still undecided on whether you should be using EPDM or different roofing material, then it’s best to commission the services of a professional roofing contractor to work on your roofing Tulsa OK needs.

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